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Airgun Tank Cover


These covers are designed with an Open bottom for ease of installation. Made form a Heavy / Industrial grade Non-Slip fabric. The intent is to prevent the tanks from being scratched and dinged while out in the field. Iis important to note that this material despite its High quality in not Cut Resistant.

The Non-Slip fabric is very thin and has some stretch. The covers have been made to be a VERY Snug fit.

FX Royale  (400 cc ) - The covers for the FX  guns have been designed to be Slipped over the Tank after it has been Removed for the gun. The cover is to be slid on the tank from the TAPERED end to bottom of the bottle. It is possible to put it on the bottle while it si still attached to the action... I is just much simpler to take the botle off.

500 CC covers. (Daystate - Royale 500's)These covers are cut slightly larger to allow them to be slipped over the bottom of the tanks. With the fact that the bottle are not removalable we choose to make them lesss tedious to install. Unfortunate the trade off is the cove is not quite as tight as the 400 cc covers.